Who We Are

The holding company of ambitious projects, ideas and concepts projecting the resource, focus and space to develop into what their ideas truly are. Our idea and mission statement is simple: Inspire, Innovate and Implement.

We want to put our bets into areas which are unique and speculative compared to mainstream business. Why? Because this is where the most change can happen. We want to create quality services for people like ourselves who want to move forward with the immensely useful and creative technology we have and deploy today.

It's easy to become complacent. Complacency breeds stagnation which hinders innovation. Any modern-day company knows this can't happen. As do we. The technology industry is responsible for many revolutions driving huge growth areas. Staying relevant means moving out of the comfort zone - and that's what we're great at.

Our Projects


Farelert is a multifunction service which allows users to search for, track the price of and book flights and hotels from one easy to use console. The idea arose from the volatile nature of primarily flight prices, but also from hotels and car rentals. The nature of aviation means that what costs double, triple or quadruple one day can easily cost an eighth the next - why pay more for flights when Farelert can do the work for you and save valuable cash which you could be spending on other, more important things rather than burning it on JetA1 (aviation fuel in normal speak).